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About  Me


Passionate About Assisting You
To Develop Your Full Potential

With over 13 years of experience in emergency medicine and years of running ultramarathons I have developed a passion and dedication to help others reach their full potential through advice free and client focused coaching.


If you are having difficulties juggling life commitments, career choices, lack direction in your daily life or activities or feel ready to take a new challenge on but are not sure how to approach it – coaching may be exactly what you are looking for.


Having completed the Cert IV in Business and Personal Coaching I adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) ethical guidelines which means you can feel confident that our coaching sessions are adhering to the confidentiality required for you to feel ready to explore new avenues.


Why not start out with contacting me for a free 20-min Meet & Greet session!

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Qualifications & Certifications

  • Master of Medicine (Copenhagen University)

  • Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEM)

  • Cert IV in Personal and Business Coaching

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 


"I am so grateful that Ina from Aspire Performance Coaching was able to help me. Her professional and insightful questioning during our sessions helped me focus on bringing about actual change to both my business and personal life. Thanks to Ina I have a much clearer idea of the direction my business will take in the next few months and even years. Thank you Ina for your insightful guidance. I am already seeing the benefits." - Daniel, Head Coach.

"I engaged Ina from ‘Aspire Performance Coaching’ to assist me with a career transition and lifestyle change. I highly recommend Ina as she helped me see and understand my values and what thoughts were holding me back and keeping my ‘stuck’. l felt comfortable and safe to explore the hard topics as Ina provided a calm and safe space in every session." - Mary, Allied Health Professional.

"The coaching program with Aspire Performance Coaching has been invaluable in assisting me to prioritise and understand my professional goals and how to achieve them.  I feel more organized and productive and have seen a positive change in my work/life balance."  - C. Gray

"Ina really helped me gain clarity about where I'm holding myself back, and putting plans in place to enable me to reach my goals.  She has an empathic and thoughtful approach with her coaching.  Ina offered me a safe space to talk through my perspective, and find solutions that really fit well for me.  Thank you!" - Josie

"Coaching sessions with Ina were insightful, friendly, inspiring and motivational. Embracing this opportunity allowed me reflect on challenging situations as positives, to grow and become more comfortable with challenging descisions, and to become more content with who I am and what I want to achieve. There were many insightful moments where I realised positive things about myself which I never expected to- just by seeing things a different way. Thank you for helping me persue me goals and highlight many other positive things in the process. I would highly recommend this to anyone! " - Amy

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